Terms of service

Service Agreement

This Agreement is a contract entered into by the platform member (hereinafter referred to as "Party A") and FunPax (hereinafter referred to as "Party B") on the gaming services provided by Party B. Once registered as a member Party B, Party A agrees and is willing to abide by all of the following terms.

Article I Scope of the Agreement

Party B provides Party A with mobile gaming services and other related services (hereinafter referred to as the Service), Party A shall fully abide by this Agreement and rules of game supervision. With regard to the rights and obligations of the service, both parties shall adhere to terms of this Agreement.

Article II Contents of Service

Contents provided by Party B and based on actual circumstances is to offer users rich online resources via the Internet in its own operating system, including a variety of information tools, game links, e-mail, etc. Unless otherwise explicitly stated, any new feature that improves or enhances the current service, including new products, will be unconditionally applicable under this Service Agreement. Party B has the right to expand its services, and services provided by Party B may change from time to time. As for fee-based services, advance notice will be given before the service is made available online. Timing of such advance notice will be at the discretion of Party B. Free service will not require notice, unless Party B considers it to be necessary.

Article III User Account (user account, password and security)

Users must agree to all terms of this Agreement and complete the registration procedure. After a user has successfully registered, Party B will give the user an account and corresponding password. Users will keep their own ID and passwords, and should be responsible for activities under their accounts.

In order to provide this service to Party A, Party B will not disclose Party A’s name, address, contact address, e-mail, account number, password or other personal information, unless:

2.1 Party A authorizes Party B to disclose such personal information.

  1. User account registration

  2. Safeguarding of user account


    2.2 Relevant laws or administrative regulations require Party B to disclose Party A’s personal information.

    2.3 Party B needs to disclose such personal information in order to protect its intellectual property and other property rights.

Party B will take commercially reasonable means to protect personal information of Party A. Party A shall not transfer or lend its account and password to others. Party B does not assume any liability for any illegal use of Party A's account or password by others and resulting consequences due to Party A’s negligence in safeguarding its account or password.

Article IV Party A’s Obligations

  1. Party A provides service-related equipment (such as computers, and other Internet-related equipment) and bears costs (such as telephone charges and Internet access fees).

  2. Party A shall not use the service or participate in Party B’s activities via improper or unfair means.

  3. Party A shall not interfere with normal services provided by Party B, including but not limited to: 1. cracking, modifying the client program provided by Party B; 2.making, using, publishing, or distributing any form of tool or program (plug) that may compromise the fairness of the game; 3. exploiting loopholes and procedural errors (bugs) to disrupt the normal progress of the game or spreading the loophole or error (Bug); 4. illegally collecting personal data of others.

  4. Party A must protect its own account number and password, and bear the consequences of the disclosure of its account and password due to its own negligence.


Article V Privacy Protection

  1. Party B guarantees not to disclose user registration data or user’s private contents generated during use of network service to the public domain or any third party.

  2. Party B may cooperate with a third party to provide relevant network services to users. In this case, if the third party agrees to assume the responsibility of protecting user privacy equal to that of Party B, Party B may provide user data to the third party.


Article VI Game Supervision

In order to supervise the way the game is operated, Party B shall set a fair and equitable rules for the game. Party A shall abide by the rules set by Party B.

A game supervision rule becomes invalid if it contains one of the following circumstances:

  1. Contradicts any provision in this Agreement.

  2. Deprives Party A of contractual rights.


Article VII Limited Warranty and Liability

Party B only accepts the following limited warranty:

  1. Services provided by Party B are consistent with the service commitments Party B officially announced;

  2. Party B only resolves any issue in the process of providing the service in a commercially reasonable way. In addition, within the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Party B does not guarantee that the service provided meets all the requirements of Party A. Party B does not assume any liability or damage (including, but not limited to, personal injury, privacy leaks, any liability associated with failing to fulfill good faith or reasonable care, or damage as a result of financial or other loss caused by negligence or any other reason) as a result of Party A’s use of the service.


Article VIII User Information Storage and Restrictions

Party B has the right to determine if the user's behavior is consistent with terms of service provisions. If Party B deems that the user has violated the terms of service provisions, it has the right to delete information sent by the user or even terminate network services for the user.


Article IX Service Change, Suspension or Termination

  1. Party B will give advance notice if network services need to be suspended due to system maintenance or upgrades.

  2. Party B reserves the right to unilaterally suspend or terminate some or all of the network services by issuing prior announcement or giving notice to Party A, and will not take any liability for Party A or any third party for any loss resulting from suspending or terminating services.


Article X Fee Policy

Party B has the right to determine and modify the fee standards and methods. Where fee standards need to be adjusted, Party B will issue notice on the relevant webpages before the adjustment takes effect.

In regards to fee charging services, Party A shall purchase the service in accordance with the confirmed fee policy. If Party A fails to do so, Party B may immediately suspend the service.


Article XI Disclaimer

  1. Party B does not guarantee any of the following: 1. The service will be provided in uninterrupted, timely, secure, or error-free manner. 2.If a third party has illegally infringed upon the rights of Party A, and Party B has been informed of such infringement, Party B shall assist Party A to remove or identify the infringement.

  2. Party A expressly agrees that it will solely assume all risks associated with use of the network services.


Article XII Damage

If Party A has breached this Agreement or relevant laws, resulting in damage or derivative expenses taken by Party B's parent company, subsidiaries, affiliates, related companies, employees, agents or other related support staff (including, but not limited to, legal expenses in claims, litigation, or related reconciliation paid to all such persons due to Party A’s breach of this Agreement), Party A shall be held liable for such damages.


Article XIII Termination of the Agreement

Party A shall abide by the Agreement and relevant laws and regulations. If Party B has detected any breach of this Agreement or relevant laws or regulations by Party A, Party B is entitled to, without prior notice to Party A, immediately suspending, terminating or deleting Party A’s account and all relevant data, files and records, and disqualifying, suspending or restricting Party A’s membership.


Article XIV Modification and Interpretation

By being aware of the ongoing changes of Party B itself, users and the market conditions, if Party A continues to use the service provided by Party B, Party A will be deemed to have agreed to and accepted modifications, addition, and deletion of terms of this Agreement, and therefore is not entitled to any claims or damages.


To the maximum extent applicable, the Company reserves the right of final interpretation of this Agreement.

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