Privacy Policy

  • FunPax understands that your privacy is important to you. FunPax is committed to respecting your privacy and protecting your personally-identifiable information, being any information that is capable of identifying you as an individual person as you use this site herein.

  • What personally-identifiable information is collected?

  • FunPax does not collect any information of its users currently has it does not have its own registration platform.

  • How are cookies used?

  • Cookies are small packets of information that are stored by your web browser. They are put on your web browser by the websites that you visit. These packets of information do not contain personal information about you but they do allow us to know if you visit the same website twice or if you visit related websites.

  • The laws in many European Union countries require you to provide a form of consent before cookies are placed on your web browser unless the cookie is necessary for the website to work.

  • There is no agreed standard for how companies comply with these laws.

  • We only use cookies where they are necessary for our services or where you have provided your express or implied consent.

  • We respect your wishes, and you can inspect, delete, or block any cookies used by us by selecting the appropriate control in your web browser.

  • We support technologies that have been developed and are being developed for your web browser that allows you to be more selective about the cookies that your web browser will accept.

  • Security

  • FunPax  does not collect personal information currently through any of its websites, although the websites are protected through HTTPS technology.

  • Transborder hosting and transfer of information

  • FunPax does not transfer nor host any personal information of its users as it does not collect any personal information from its users.

  • Date Retention Policy

  • Cookie

  • FunPax does not store personally-identifiable information as it does not collect any personal information from its users.

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